Open your heart and clear your mind as you open the first page to a new beginning that will bring great blessings to your life.

The author, Tony Caz, is father to a son, a sibling of two, Friend of many, and an ambassador of all good causes. He has obtained more life experience in a couple of decades than others will ever collect in their entire lifetime.

From soaring with the eagles to consuming worms in the dirt with the pigs, Tony Caz has much to share. His ultimate objective is to use the past experiences that have broken him, to encourage and tutor others to avoid making the same mistakes.

His self-help book: “My Mind is a Prison”, is the foundation for his future of life coaching and motivational speaking. His ability to transform words into visuals is the key he uses to unlock your emotions, allowing you to evaluate your own life, whilst contributing motivational tips of self-improvement.

You cannot help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. It all starts with you, my friend. We have control over one thing in this life, which is the ability to manage our thoughts, speech, and actions. You decide on what your upcoming thought processes are. You convert those thoughts into words that roll off your tongue and lips. It’s you that responds to the comments of other people, and it’s only you, my friend, that commands your body into action. Doesn’t this make you feel immense excitement? Don’t you feel intrigued by this new information that was always sitting on the surface, awaiting your discovery? It makes me feel overwhelmingly ecstatic! How awesome it is to know that each one of us has this incredible ‘super-power,’ but how do we go about using it correctly? The answer lies within. With a little bit of guidance from the right people, amalgamated with your perseverance and obedience, you can make it work in such a way that it changes your life.